Winery (but not brewery) opportunities

Balloon races09 Mar

North Carolina wineries can sell wines by the glass at balloon races and festivals. The General Statutes mention ‘balloon races’ specifically, likely because of the highly successful Carolina BalloonFest.

The Carolina BalloonFest is a three-day festival; event organizers schedule a North Carolina wine tasting for two of these days. (The Friday afternoon opening session does not have a wine tasting.)

We completely support the Carolina BalloonFest and the North Carolina wineries in this effort. By supporting local wineries, the Carolina BallonFest helps boost the state’s wine industry, and generates additional in-state spending through the sale of glasses of wine and take-home bottles of wine. It’s a great showpiece for why the Special Event Permit works. 

Wineries can offer tastings and sell wines by the glass and bottle at balloon races; craft breweries do not have this right

Honestly, breweries probably aren’t going to start popping up at any balloon races any time soon. The Carolina BalloonFest is a wine event. But it is a great example of the Special Event Permit in action, one that showcases North Carolina wines in a highly successful, family-oriented event. 

North Carolina breweries simply seek the economic and promotional opportunity to showcase craft beer in similiar venues.

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